Precision TIG Welding for Shaft and Coupler Repair

Micro Weld, Inc has developed a cost effective TIG welding process to repair worn shafts and couplers. This process takes a few days but doesn’t induce warp; ultimately saving money and eliminating the need to manufacture new.

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Why Choose Micro Weld, Inc?

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Nationwide reputation as best in business
  • Precise build-up of worn surface

Lead Time

Often a worn-out shaft causes the line to go down and adds immense pressure on the crew and buyers. Lead time for a new shaft is often 8 to 10x longer then repairing the existing shaft. Our process takes a few days, but it doesn’t induce warp, which allows the repair to progress.

We don’t mind being the safe choice.

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“We thought the shaft we brought to Micro Weld for repair was going to be impossible but figured if anyone could fix it, they could. Not only was it repaired beautifully, but it saved us a ton in money & time, preventing us from needing to purchase a brand new one.”

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