It’s been quite a year since COVID-19 began altering the way many of us work and socialize. Because our welding services support so many essential businesses, we’ve been able to stay up and running without interruption. We’re still here and we’re open!

When you come to see us, you may notice that we’ve tightened up our receiving area and you’ll find our staff masked when they share space with you. We also ask that you wear a mask when in our facility to help protect our employees.

The good news? It’s spring, the temps are warming up, and doors and windows are starting to open!

We’re looking forward to continue providing exceptional laser and TIG welding services to our customers, old and new!

We’ll be sharing examples of our ‘Wee Welds” here, along with images and short explanations of some of our work.

Oh, and George Washington up there with his custom lasesr-welded mask? Well, the mandate DID start out saying everyone needed to mask up, so…