Mold Revision and Repair

Micro Weld, Inc has earned the nationwide reputation as the best. We’ve achieved this by understanding our customers’ requirements, clearly communicating the expected result, and quickly executing the weld.

Often, the area of the mold that needs attention is in the worse possible location. This is when we lean on creativity and 25 + years of experience to achieve the impossible weld.

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Why Choose Micro Weld for Mold Revision Repair and Tool & Die Welding?

  • 25+ years of experience working with all types of materials, including Ampco
  • Precise build-up of worn surface with less sink
    • Edge Repair
    • Hole Repair
    • Engraving repair
  • Fast turnaround
    • Same day emergency service available
Mold Repair and Revision - Mold laser welding

Emergency Micro Welding service

When a mold fails or a revision is needed, it often leaves a costly line down situation applying an enormous amount of pressure on the manufacture. Our emergency same day service can alleviate a slight amount of that pressure.

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