Medical Device Welding
ISO 13485

As an ISO 13485 certified company, we’ve provided micro laser and TIG welding services to medical device manufactures for over 25 years. We collaborate with customers during the development stage and follow process in production.

The weld is a small yet critical step in your production process, because of this, our customers collaborate as though we are an extension of their facility. The collaboration leads to an extremely low reject rate and same or next day delivery.

Our customers have labeled us the safe choice and we are just fine with that!

Medical Device Production Welding

The size of Micro Weld, Inc allows us to provide the shortest lead times in the market place. This is achieved by validating multiple machines to your process and by multiple certified techs following your process day and night.

Medical device manufactures count on our experienced welding technicians to follow process.

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close up of microscopic medical prototype weld

Medical Device Prototype Welding

Our prototyping services include laser welding for medical devices. At proof of concept and the development stage, our creative, experienced welding techs collaborate with you. We tenaciously test multiple processes until the desired result is produced. This upfront collaboration leads to a robust, repeatable and cost effective production process.

Lead Time: The Safe Choice for Micro Welding Service

We understand the intense pressure shortened lead times have put on manufacturers and we understand our role in your process. The role we play during development is to tenaciously test multiple processes until the desired result is achieved, we know we may have to work late and weekends to achieve this within your timeframe.

Our role in production is small but critical, usually one of the final steps of your process; and usually within days (if not hours) of your due date. Because we have multiple work stations and multiple certified welding techs we achieve the shortest lead times for the industry.

Our Medical Device customers have labeled us the safe choice and we’re just fine with that.

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